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Fayers PM, Aaronson NK, Bjordal K, et al; on behalf of the EORTC Quality of Life Group.

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This trial is evaluating the myelopreservation and survival benefits of trilaciclib in combination with chemotherapy, as well as safety and tolerability.

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QOL can be constructed using the IRT approach. If your study has commercial sponsorship you will be required to have a Commercial User Agreement in order to use our measures. As separate them in quality life questionnaire, questionnaires themselves and should urologists may reduce bone marrow suppression caused profound changes. QLQ-C30 quality of life core questionnaire SF-36 Study Short Form 36 QoL quality. Osoba D, Rodrigues G, Myles, J et al.

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Carr A, Higginson I, Robinson PG.

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